Improve the Safety of Opioids


OpalGenix’s technology, GPS-Opioid, Genotype-guided Physician Support for Opioid use, is a pre-operative laboratory-developed test (LTD) incorporating a polygenetic panel and intelligent analytics to guide personalized clinical decision making for:

  • Proactive preoperative prediction of opioid-related adverse effects and severe surgical pain.
  • Personalized precision pain management, opioid dosing, and prescribing in patients undergoing surgery.

OpalGenix’s patented and evidence-based GPS-Opioid technology intends to revolutionize perioperative pain management with proactive and personalized risk prediction and precision guidance that will standardize genotyping of multiple genes that have been shown to impact clinically and economically meaningful opioid-adverse effects, surgical pain, and health economic outcomes.

The Solution


Proactive Opioid Risk Prediction

Precision Dosing

Personalized Pain Management

Genetic signature-based prediction of opioid related risks

Personalized clinical decision support for precision pain relief

Genotype-based clinical decision support within 1-2 days

Indiana University School of Medicine

Intellectual Property

OpalGenix’s Evidence-Based and Patent Technology

OpalGenix’s GPS-Opioid™ technology was developed based on Dr. Sadhasivam’s extensive NIH-funded clinical research on opioid pharmacogenetics and personalized surgical pain management. OpalGenix’s technology received more than 10 US and European Patent Treaty Office approved patent claims. 


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